• Tuesday, 15. October 2019 10:11



The Broken Wave is officially retired.  From Classic through Seeds of Distruction The Broken Wave was a successful raiding guild beating almost every expansion in era.  Our last 2 expansions were very trying but a team of amazing people pulled through and we had a great time doing it.  Taking out current content with numbers we didn't think were possible.  With the release of new servers, an ever shrinking PST player base, and just general real life taking it's toll we've decided to part ways as a guild.  There's no denying that we've made our mark on this server, fighting along side some of the best people you'll ever meet.  It's been a pleasure raiding with you all and an amazing expeience over the years.  You'll still find many of our members scattered through out the various guilds on Phinny, and The Broken Wave Discord is still alive and well to keep in contact with us.  Here's to you TBW!


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